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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New EPB Project Means 20 Glasgow Homes Get New Appliances!

Over the last couple of years, Glasgow EPB has been selected to partner with EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), TVA and Google to experiment wtih various products and services in an effort to demonstrate methods to increase energy efficiency, and discover methods that could be applied to utilities throughout the country. In these projects some local residents have now received products and appliances valued up to $5,000, at no cost to the EPB or our customers.
Recognizing the value of Glasgow EPB's high-speed internet service, and the potential for Glasgow and our customers to provide valuable service to an entire industry desperately exploring methods to improve energy efficiency, an internationally known company has approached TVA and the Glasgow EPB with a new project. Since details and contracts are still being finalized, we cannot release all of the information at this point. However, we hope a full press release will be forthcoming within the next several days. In the meantime, what we can tell you is this highly respected company will provide major home appliances with a manufacturer's retail value of approximately $12,000, to 20 homes in Glasgow for use during a testing period of approximately two and a half years. At the end of the project, the appliances will then become the property of the homeowners chosen.
If you are interested in possibly being included in this project, and are a Glasgow EPB electric and internet customer, and own your home, we invite you to click here and complete the questionnaire. The deadline for submission is midnight November 7, 2011.