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Thursday, December 15, 2011

EPB, GE, and TVA Link Up to Study Smart Appliances

For several weeks we have been talking, in a somewhat vague fashion, about an opportunity coming to Glasgow relative to the study of modern appliances and the way they might help us reshape electrical demand. Now, the whole story can be told. GE and TVA have chosen Glasgow and Glasgow EPB as partners in a groundbreaking study of how real customers might react to Time of Use electric rates using the very latest in appliance technology in real homes right here in Glasgow. The press release making this event official can be seen by clicking on this link.

Now that all of the contracts have been signed among the parties, our work to choose the right homes for this pilot is now in high gear. We have gotten a lot of applications for participation in the Smart Appliance Pilot over the last several weeks. The appliances being offered by GE for this project are all their top-of-the line latest products, and may be viewed by clicking here. If you think you would be interested in hosting the pilot project in your home and possibly receiving this full suite of the GE appliances and new thermostat, then click on this link and fill out the application for the project now. The final choice of homes invited to participate in the initial pilot will be made in mid-January!