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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Channel Changes Coming February 1

At long last, our conversion of all analog cable channels to digital transmission is nearly complete. At the first of January we converted the remaining analog channels and we continue to help folks adapt to the change and we continue the process of delivering and installing the DTA boxes necessary to keep older analog televisions working.

As February 1 comes around, we have another small change that will impact all cable customers. In our negotiation process with WNKY and WBKO, they have asserted their rights to be the only source for ABC, NBC, and CBS programming in Barren County. Our agreement with WNKY also stipulates that their CBS programming will be viewed on channels 10 and 515, and that their NBC programming be on our channels 7 and 514.

In order to comply with their wishes, our WTVF programming will move to channels 23 and HD 558 on February 1. Our WSMV programming will move to channels 16 and HD 559 on the same date. Network programming on WTVF, WSMV, and WHAS will be switched such that it all comes from the Bowling Green stations mentioned above.

This change will not require you to reprogram your televisions again. The only hassle will be finding your favorite local newscasts from WTVF and WSMV. You will have to learn to find them on the channels listed above. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but the broadcasters have a very strong hand in these matters and we are complying in the hope of saving our customers from even higher licensing fees in the future.