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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas from Glasgow EPB!

We don’t claim to be in direct contact with your Elf on the Shelf, but we do have reliable information that many of you have added, or soon will be adding, new internet connected devices to your homes. Check under all of that mess of boxes and shredded wrapping paper in your living room! The EPB elves have also been considering how good you have been this year, and we are going to do our part to support the Elf and help make your new devices totally rock. Whatever speed internet service you presently purchase from us, that speed is about to double, and the increase is going to take place at no additional cost to you!

Popular devices like AppleTV, Roku boxes, and any other new device that is going to stream movies or video via the internet to your computer or television, consume many times more bandwidth that what you needed back when you first got your internet service from us. Even though we have repeatedly increased the speed and capacity of our cable modems over the years, the volume of data involved with streaming a high definition movie to your home via that cable modem almost always outstrips the capacity of our regular 5 MB internet service that 90% of our customers still use. So, before you move from opening those devices, to installing them, the internet service to your home is going to be upgraded for you, by us.

Now, for some of you, even doubling your present internet speed might not be enough if your home is an early adopter of many of the latest streaming technologies. If that is the case, we have solutions for you as well. We have two tiers of internet speed that are even faster than the base product that will soon provide 10MB service to the thousands of Glasgow homes and businesses that use our basic product (and all of those speeds are being doubled as well). Just give us a call or examine our website for more information about these even higher speed products.

In most cases, you will not even need to call us for this year’s upgrade to arrive at your home. The process is quite simple, and will happen during the night. You don’t even need a chimney! Your present cable modem has already been reprogrammed, from our office, to deliver the higher speed. All you have to do to implement the higher speed service is to unplug the power cord for about one minute, and then plug it back in. Within minutes the modem will download the new operating file and you will be in the fast lane. In some rare cases, if you still have one of the old gray cable modems, we need to replace those for the higher speed, but that is also very easy. You can just bring it by our office and we will swap your old modem for one of the newer ones.

The EPB Elves have been working for months trying to get our network upgraded so that we can deliver this present to our customers. We only got the last piece of this in place this week. Now we can be a big part of delivering the games, movies, YouTube videos, or whatever content you expect to receive from your new toy, flawlessly and quickly. We know that, with everything else going on over the upcoming holidays, you want things to work as advertised. Getting the higher speed internet service from Glasgow EPB can work magic, just like that Elf on the Shelf!