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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity is Ending

Glasgow was smiled upon when we were given money to implement the Smart Energy Technology Project. This project is buying technology for 330 Glasgow homes and businesses. Smart thermostats, heat pump water heaters, and battery systems are being installed free to the home/business owners because the grant money is to be used to install and study the various hardware and how Glasgow customers interact with it.

But all good things eventually come to an end. We are now down to less than 45 thermostats and water heaters available for installation in the homes/businesses for lucky Glasgow EPB customers. If you are a Glasgow EPB electric customer, currently have an electric water heater and HVAC system, and want to cash in this winning ticket you need to contact Shelia Hogue now by calling 270-659-3508 or e-mailing We need to hear from you immediately, as the project is ending and our community may never be granted this level of funding again.

Does it matter if you miss this opportunity? Yes. These pieces of hardware have already proven to help save money on electric bills every month, without noticeable impact on anyone’s physical comfort. Missing this opportunity means turning your back on an opportunity that requires no money from you, yet pays you a dividend every month for the coming years, in the form of lower electric bills.

If you are putting off calling us, you should stop and do it. If you have been offered a place in the project but have just not found the time to simply return your signed contract, you are making a potentially expensive mistake. I promise you will regret it if you miss this rare opportunity to get something really cool for free!
Monday, May 2, 2016

We are Still Looking for Sites for Free Technology!

We are still looking for several customers with homes or businesses, who would like for us to install a  free heat pump water heater, modern thermostats, and maybe even a state of the are battery system at no charge!  That is right, we want to improve your home or business for fee.
If you own your home/business and get your electricity from Glasgow EPB and have an existing electric hot water heater, a central HVAC system and have internet service, you might qualify for getting this technology installed without any cost to you. The new items are designed to work in concert with signals from Glasgow EPB to reduce your coincident peak demand during the peak hour of each month. To summarize, you can get these items installed at no cost, and you get to enjoy the savings that they may offer as reductions to your monthly power bill.

This is a rare situation where a funding source wants to spend money on Glasgow homes and businesses. If you think this applies to you, or if  you have friends or family that it might apply to, please go to and fill out the brief survey. We will get back to you to determine your eligibility quickly!