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Monday, December 15, 2014

There is a New Scam in Town

Attention EPB Customers - We have been notified that some of our customers have received phone calls demanding immediate payment for past due accounts via credit card. This is a scam. Please, do not give out your information to anyone who calls requesting your credit card information over the phone. Glasgow EPB does not, and will never do business this way. If you have any question about your account, please call our office at 270-651.8341. 

We recommend that these matters be treated like any other criminal activity. Report these matters to the Glasgow Police Department so that they can investigate these activities.
Monday, December 1, 2014

Broadcast Channel and Rate Changes Come Into Focus

As of 8:00 am on Monday, December 1 we are still in negotiation with some of the channel providers listed below; however, to be in compliance with the legal restrictions that we notify our customers 30 days in advance of any cable lineup changes and/or rate changes we are issuing the following notice:

Our staff, our Programming Committee and our Board of Directors have worked diligently over the past few weeks trying to negotiate a reasonable agreement with all of our ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW programmers. While we were able to reach an agreement with some, there are others who we have decided that, in the best interest of our customers, will be dropped from our service with all changes taking effect January 1, 2015.

First, WNKY, the CBS and NBC affiliate from Bowling Green demanded the largest increase at the rate of 1,000%. We simply could not accept this for our customers, and have decided to drop this channel, but fear not! We are replacing it with WSMV from Nashville and will continue our carriage of WTVF also from Nashville. You will have the same great CBS and NBC programming as always, along with quality news and weather coverage - both at a lesser rate than WNKY’s demand. You may see a message on their channels soon to contact us to demand we keep them on our service. But we believe the majority of our customers will agree we have found the better solution.

We will also be dropping WMYO and WDRB, due to the sizeable increases demanded by both channels. We are pleased to add WCZU, a new channel from Bowling Green that duplicates MyNetwork TV carried by WMYO, and also promises carriage of ACC sports, including U of L.

Even with all of our diligence and attempts to keep the rates as low as possible, sizeable increases were demanded, and with it must come a rate increase for the Glasgow EPB cable customers also. Effective January 1, 2015, you will see a new format on your bill as follows:

Basic Cable Service              $11.50
Glasgow Classic Service       $22.50
ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, FOX    $ 5.50

Total “Basic Package” $39.50

When all of these changes are combined, you will see a $5 per month net increase in the cost of our basic + classic package. We sincerely regret this change, but with the demands of the broadcasters to continue the carriage of the programming for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW we simply have no choice.

We sincerely appreciate, and value, the input from each of our customers as we struggle to determine the best course of action for all of our customers while maintaining the lowest cable rates in the entire United States.