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Monday, March 7, 2016

Act Now -- Get Free Stuff!

Glasgow is a special place. In fact, in Glasgow it is presently possible to get something for nothing. That’s right, it isn’t a free lunch, but due to Glasgow EPB’s good fortune in attracting grant funding, 330 homes/small businesses will get a free WiFi enabled programmable thermostat, or a free WiFi enabled heat pump water heater, or maybe even an extremely high tech battery system.

If you own your home/business and get your electricity from Glasgow EPB and have an existing electric hot water heater, a central HVAC system and have internet service, you might qualify for getting this technology installed without any cost to you. The new items are designed to work in concert with signals from Glasgow EPB to reduce your coincident peak demand during the peak hour of each month. To summarize, you can get these items installed at no cost, and you get to enjoy the savings that they may offer as reductions to your monthly power bill.

This is a rare and fleeting opportunity! If you think you may qualify please go to and fill out the brief survey. We will get back to you to determine your eligibility quickly!