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Monday, October 29, 2007

All I can say is WOW

This guy just said a mouth full. Click the link to read one of the best speeches I have read in decades. Link


Bill Travis said...

Edwards is the only viable candidate speaking truth to power - the power of corporate money to influence our government.
The health of our country depends on a balance of the interests of business and the interests of the individual citizen. We must understand that business, particularly large corporations,and especially multinationals,are about making money. Period. Morality, citizenship, generosity, and fairness are not in the DNA of modern corporate management.
The only defense that the average citizen has in the face of that monetary influence is his/her vote.
Of course, the money going from corporations to politicians is used to "buy" the vote of the citizen through false media and obfuscation. The most recent example is the use of "cultural issues," particularly aimed at fundamentalist Christians,to deceive them into voting for the current brand of "Republicans" and against their own economic interests. How comical it was to see a Bush/Cheney sign in the front yard of a dilapidated home next to an abandoned car on blocks. No, in fact, it was sad.

As Edwards states, we must recognize the danger our democracy faces. We citizens must seek out sources of information to think independently of the so-called mainstream. We must vote to protect the interests of our nation
against those who would corrupt it.

I do not fear the Islamists. Does anybody really think that those men on the monkey bars really pose a threat to the United States?
No, I fear American democratic suicide by fear mongering, political greed and corporate greed.

Pay attention to what the candidates say. Who is the real patriot?