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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Want to Know the Latest? Learn to Twitter!

There are always a lot of new things going on at the EPB, but this latest thing is a way for you to better keep up with all of the other things. We have discovered Twitter, and we think it might be a real breakthrough in our ability to keep our customers posted on what is going on -- right now!

To participate in getting the very latest real-time information, just click on this link or look on the left side of this blog at the new area entitled "Twitter Updates" and click on the link at the bottom of the updates that says "Follow the EPB on Twitter." Once there, follow the instructions to sign up for an account and then click on the "Follow" button. Then each time you come back to and sign in, you will see the updates from us! Also, if you have a cell phone (who doesn't?) and if it can receive text messages, enter that information when you are signing up for your Twitter account and you will get the EPB updates instantly when we post them. Even if you were sitting in the dark after a power outage, you would get the updates from us via your cell phone. We think that feature has tremendous possibilities.

This very morning is a great example of the possibilities. This morning we arrived to find many folks calling in to report problems with their digital set top boxes that came as a result of a software upgrade early this morning. The fix for this problem is simple and we realized that if most of our customers were already receiving our Twitter updates, we could broadcast simple instructions via Twitter that would save everyone the trouble of calling in and having us give the instructions one at a time. Obviously we could do the same thing with widespread power outages. Once we realize that a group of several hundred homes are off we could Twitter the information out to all, and, even if you were sitting in the dark without the ability to check Twitter or this blog for information, you could get the information via text message to your cell phone!

Of course, it will take a while for us to get thousands of customers signed up for Twitter and receiving these updates, but, let's start this morning and see how fast we can go! Oh, and by the way, if your digital box is one of the ones that is mysteriously blank this morning, just unplug the power cord, wait about ten seconds, plug it back in and wait about twenty minutes and the new software should download and bring you converter back to life. If that does not work, give us a call!


Tay10 said...

Is it just me? Do I need new glasses in order to see the Twitter site?

Billy Ray said...

I'm not following you. Are you talking about the small font that appears on the left of the page or are you talking about the actual site? If you click on the link it takes you to where you can sign up for an account and then choose to "follow" GlasgowEPB's twitter casts.

J&lspoppy said...

Billy as always you have a way of taking very complicated and jargon filled information. and break it down for us (Glasgow) to understand. It has been a few years since we spoke. In my opinion Glasgow is lucky to have a man like yourself at the helm. You can take the lead any where and any time, and find a solution. I wonder if you have considered running for an office at state or national level. until we can find people of your quality and dedication to the people you serve I am afraid that it will be a very long time for this country to pull out of this slump we have fallen into.
Dennis Wooten,

Billy Ray said...

Dennis, I am humbled by your comments. Thanks so much for the kind words. That is the nicest gift I got through the holidays!