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Thursday, April 2, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

Last night, when you were not really looking or expecting it, we added some new channels for all of our cable customers who subscribe to our digital and HD tiers. In case you haven't yet noticed them, check out channel 145 - Chiller. As the name implies, you can read more about the channel on their website by clicking here. Basically, it all horror movies. I won't be watching that, but it is there for you!

Next, watch channel 195 for WHAS 24hour weather. While WHAS is presently still working to get this on the air, it will be, as the name implies, a 24 hour a day radar and weather summary of our region from Louisville's WHAS team.

Channel 524 on our HD tier is now USA-HD. USA Channel is one of the most popular on television. Now you can watch it in HD. Finally, channel 539 is now Sci-Fi-HD. All of your favorite SciFi shows and movies coming to you in HD!

Also, QVC has moved to Ch. 20 and Bravo has moved to Ch. 26.

You just never know what we are working on while you are sleeping! Enjoy...