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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glasgow - An Internet Savvy City

Back in 1994, Glasgow EPB brought the internet to Glasgow and introduced the world to the use of broadband to deliver high speed internet access. In those days many already had internet access, but, other than in Glasgow, it was done via exceedingly slow and cumbersome telephone based connections.

Sixteen years later, most would be shocked to learn just how much data comes and goes between Glasgow EPB internet customers and the rest of the world. New switching equipment at our Jama M Young Technology Center gives us the details. Each day our customers send and receive over two terra bytes of information via their EPB internet connections. That is the equivalent of 500,000 digitized songs per day, or about 500 million average magazine pages! In fact, at the present rate of data transmission to and from Glasgow EPB customers, we are consuming information equal to all of the printed books in the United States Library of Congress every week.

You might also be amazed to learn just how popular Glasgow’s original website, is. On average, that page is called up four times per second, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Glasgow may be a very small rural city inhabited by only about 15,000 folks, but those folks all have a tremendous appetite for information!


Tay10 said...

I started the internet thing in 1998 and it opened up a whole new world to me! Every day we talk to relatives in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada that is...not Kentucky). It is amazing that with a slight movement of one finger, I can send and receive pictures of grandchildren, talk to old (and new) friends around the world. Keep up the good work. (Oh, did I mention I found a husband on this contraption called a computer?)