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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Even though they previously promised to cease their practice of using untruths and deception in their attempts to gain internet and video customers from us, the folks at Windstream are apparently at it again. In the last 24 hours we have gotten multiple reports from customers saying that Windstream representatives have told them that EPB is leaving the internet business and that folks must convert to them. THIS IS TOTALLY UNTRUE!

Glasgow EPB is asking the former customers of Cinergy/Norlight to find alternative telephone service. This has nothing to do with our internet service which was just recently upgraded and improved for the long-term future. Please do not fall victim to these determined and unscrupulous sales folks from out of town! Glasgow EPB will not be leaving the internet business, period. Thanks for helping us stop this newest attack from these "nice folks."


Unknown said...

Someone came to my door yesterday and I assumed it was some kind of salesman. He was in a plain white van and had a clipboard in his hand. Needless to say, I didn't answer the door. Having said that, I feel the need to defend Windstream in this case also. I canceled my EPB internet and cable TV service over two years ago and switched to Windstream internet. At the time, Windstream offered twice the internet speed I was paying for at EPB for just a few dollars more. Since then, whenever Windstream offers higher speeds to its new customers, I get to upgrade my speed at no extra cost. When I first switched I got 3.0 Mb speeds. Since then I've been upgraded to 12.0 Mb and I still only pay about $50/month. I never experience the slowed-down internet speeds during "peak hours" like I did with EPB. When I canceled my cable TV it was mostly to save money since I didn't watch that much TV but I was also getting tired of rates going up while no channels of interest to me were being added. I even noticed after I canceled that one of the few channels I DID watch was taken off of the less expensive "basic" cable package and moved to a more expensive one. Which ruined any thoughts I had of adding cable TV again.
I have nothing against EPB. In fact they provide great, reliable electric service. When a storm knocks out the power, my area is one of the first to get it back - and fast! I think maybe these Windstream salesmen are using tactics that Windstream wouldn't approve of or even suggest they use. The salesmen are probably just using their own "scare tactics" to make sales. I'm going to write to and/or call Windstream myself and tell them what is going on. They don't need people "working" for them if they are going to be misrepresenting the company like that.

Billy Ray said...

Mr. Carroll, we agree with many of your observations but feel you should reconsider your observations about our internet and cable products. While our products are not perfect, they are operated by local folks, with a local office, and who make sure the revenue collected for our services is just enough to cover the costs and keep the money in local circulation. This enhances the local economy and produces local jobs and progress. As in all things, the cheapest price is seldom the best deal at the end of the day.

Any problems our service had two years ago are not indicative of those same products today. We constantly work to improve our services for the benefit of our community, not some distant stockholders.

Our rates for basic cable are the lowest in North America! Sure, for folks who don't compare rates to other cities, even our low rates can seem high and they do constantly go up, but those increases are driven by the programmer's constant increases to us! We are constantly trapped between the folks who ask us to add more and more programming, and those who just want it to stay cheap. Everyone knows that, in the real world, these two objectives cannot make a nest on the same branch.

Please consider these points, and thank you for your well balanced view on our present troubles with Windstream.

Unknown said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I try to stay updated on changes, upgrades, etc. that EPB makes and am always glad to hear how you all are constantly working to improve every aspect of your services. I haven't totally ruled out ever going back to EPB's internet service or cable service (though it would take a lot for me to sign up with ANY company's cable/satellite service at the moment given how little television I watch). I heard you guys had been installing some fiber optic lines around town for internet. Is that correct? That is definitely something I'd like to try someday. I'm sure fiber optic service costs more than regular cable or DSL internet (or does it?) no matter which company it is with, so it may be a while before I make that upgrade.
Again, thank you for your response and keep up all the good, hard work you guys do on a daily basis.