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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Week Day Afternoons - Time to Cut Back on Power Use

The summer heat is here and we need your help. Starting today, and running through September 30, we must conserve as much electricity as possible between the hours of noon - 8pm on week days. This is based on two factors, first, effective June 1 the EPB will be on a Time of Use Rate from TVA. This means that there will be an increased charge for power used during the weekday afternoons mentioned above. The second factor is the damage done to the TVA transmission system during the recent tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. This heat wave creates stress on an already damaged system, and TVA has asked for assistance to lower the usage as much as possible. Check back here for tips on lowering your usage and helping the community spend less on its power bill to from TVA. Thanks for your help!


jwhite6069 said...

I wish you guys could have found a way to leave the TVA a few years ago....East KY Power is not doing the Time of Use rates and neither is KU for that matter.

Billy Ray said...

This comment deserves a detailed response and all customers need to see it. Watch for a new blog post on this subject coming soon.