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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Really, You Should Do the E-Bill Thing

We’ve talked about the convenience of using our e-bill system before, but there are still plenty of folks who use our internet service, but do not use the simple e-bill system. Hopefully this post will remind you of this great option available to all EPB customers. Once you have tried it, you are certain to like it!

You can sign up for e-billing in a number of ways. First, you can click on THIS LINK and follow the simple directions to set your home or business up for e-billing. You can also use the link on
LinkGlasgow’s homepage at , the e-bill link is there on the left side of the page right under the EPB logo. Just click on that e-billing logo and follow the directions to set up your account. Of course, if you want to call and talk to one of our customer service folks at 651-8341, they would be glad to help you get set up on e-billing as well.

Here is what comes with your agreement to use the e-bill system. First of all, you will not get a paper bill anymore so your home will be more neat and your trash can will be less full. Next, the e-bill system comes with its own credit card payment interface so you can go on-line and pay your bill from your credit card without incurring additional credit card processing costs from EPB. (We allow up to $1000 in credit card payments per month without charging additional fees if you use the on-line credit card system. After August 1we will be charging a labor fee of $10 per transaction if you call in on the phone to make a credit card payment!) We also give you a $1 per month credit on your bill to reflect the savings we realize from not sending out a paper bill when you sign up for e-billing.

The e-bill system also allows you to review your bill on-line and compare it to previous bills. It is a truly feature-rich and convenient way to manage your accounts with Glasgow EPB. Of course, the ultimate in convenience is to set up your account to automatically debit your checking account. This feature makes sure your bill is paid even if you forget about it or if your are out of town for a period of time. You will still get your e-bill summary long before your account is debited for the payment so you will have plenty of time to see what the bill is going to be and make sure sufficient funds are available.

If you use the internet and have an email account, there really is no reason for you to not take advantage of this service. It cuts down on the paper in your life. It reduces fuel costs associated with driving into the office to pay your EPB bill. It improves your access to information about your bills and gives you easier ways to pay your bill. If you have any questions about getting set up to utilize our e-bill system, please give us a call. We want everyone to take advantage of this powerful option!


Greg said...

Auto-pay from checking is fine for fixed payments (i.e.: car or house payment that's the same every month) but not on fluctuating payments (i.e.: water, gas or electric). If you're out of town or miss looking at your bill online and there is a discrepancy in the amount (error or for example, an unknown water leak underground) and the amount is much more than normal, then it could overdraft your account causing overdraft fees, returned check fees, ect. It only takes one time, charges can add up fast and are very hard to get reversed. Not very convenient. Yes, you can correct the bill but the damage has already been done. Yes, I have had first hand experience with this (not. EPB). Just something for everyone to be aware of.

Billy Ray said...

Greg, in our case the e-bill or the on-line information is presented so many days before the amount is actually withdrawn from the account that the risk you describe should be very rare. It is far more likely for a person using conventional billing and payment to miss a payment while out of town at the wrong time and wind up with service disconnected. We think the smaller risk, by far, is to authorize direct debit from an account or a credit card.

Greg said...

"It is far more likely for a person using conventional billing and payment to miss a payment while out of town at the wrong time and wind up with service disconnected" That statement totally contradicts the whole point you are trying to make. If you can miss a bill in the mail, you can miss an online bill just the same (with much greater consequences, as I stated before), unless you are assuming that everyone that goes out of town is constantly checking their email for discrepancies in their bill. "Should be rare?" (keyword: should) Maybe... but like I said, it only takes one time to really screw up your checking account. As far as a "service disconnect", that would be one long vacation you are on. I guess if you have a summer or winter home you stay in it would be great. So I disagree.