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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Small Cable and Internet Rate Changes Coming August 1

We are very excited about a couple of big projects we are working on. One of them will give us a new internet access provider, Level 3, as we are working with several other Kentucky cities to build fiber into Metro Nashville to connect to them. Adding another provider to our network will allow us to continue ramping up our internet speeds for the foreseeable future! This project, combined with other network upgrades about to be implemented, will further cement EPB’s position as the unquestioned leader in network speed, and reliability in our community.

This message also comes to inform you of a small cable television and internet rate increase which will take effect on August 1, 2012. Our rate for basic cable will increase by $1.50 per month and our monthly rate for the digital tier will also increase by $1.50. We know everyone hates rate increases, as do we.  However, try as we do, the spiraling demands for payment from the broadcast stations in Bowling Green, Nashville, and Louisville, and some cable channels such as Fox News make it impossible for us to avoid them.

On the same date we will also be increasing our internet service rates by $1.50 per month.  This small adjustment will allow us to continue our investments in our networks, equipment, and personnel to keep your EPB services very fast, and to provide the kind of customer service you expect.

Thank you for your continued support of your locally owned and operated electric power, cable television, and internet service utility. We only exist to make your life better in Glasgow!


JW Binion said...

Why are there 4 lines of TV listings during TV Guide network programs but only 2 during infomercials? In other communities we have seen only 2 lines on TV Guide listings.

Eddie said...


TV Guide sends the variants of their guide listings along with their programming to us. We can request more or less lines of listings, provided we have enough requests to change them.