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Monday, June 3, 2013

We Have a Plan for Saving Glasgow Money

During the past couple of years you have heard us talk about Summer and Winter peak times for electricity use.  We have asked you to curtail your electric usage in the months of June through September during the time frame of noon – 8 pm each Monday through Friday.  Well, this year, we are going to approach our efforts to save money for our customers in a different way.

We purchase all of our power from TVA, and each month they send us the bill for that usage. A large portion of that bill is based upon the maximum, or peak, energy used by our customers during one hour of each month.  Yes, you read that right, the bill from TVA isn’t just based upon the total amount of energy used in Glasgow, but also on the highest one hour reading they see during the month.  So, you can see how important it is for our community to keep that highest reading as low as possible.

We are working to try to predict when that highest reading might be and inform all of our customers, asking for your help in holding the energy usage down just for those days when we think the peak hour might occur, rather than every afternoon.  You will see various notifications posted on Facebook, Twitter, The Weather Channel crawl, cable advertisements and any other format we can think of to get the message out to all of our customers.  You will likely see this occur about once each week, but the remaining days in the week will be open for you to use electricity as you desire. 

You can always see how we are doing in trying to stay below our peak by going to to see the city electric demand graph on the right hand side of the page.  The red line represents today’s usage, and the orange straight line represents our peak.  When you start seeing the red line approaching that orange straight line, we will ask for your help to control the maximum usage. 

If you are at home, just refraining from using your washer, dryer, or electric range can make a big impact.  For an even greater impact, if you have an electric hot water heater, please refrain from using hot water during that time.  Of course the ultimate impact will be to raise your thermostat just a few degrees so that your air conditioning doesn’t kick on.  If you are at your place of work, again, adjusting the thermostat a few degrees, and turning off lights in unused areas can make a difference. 

We are counting on each of you to help in our efforts to hold the costs down for the entire community.  With just a few minor changes for just a few hours each week, we can make an impact!