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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Notice From City of Glagsow

The folks at Glasgow City Hall have asked us to provide you with a copy of the following notice:

A friendly reminder from the City of Glasgow, leaving grass clippings on city sidewalks and streets or dumping trash, limbs or foreign objects of any kind into drainage ways is considered littering as defined by City of Glasgow Code Numbers 93.05 & 130.18. This creates a safety hazard for pedestrians and contributes to drainage issues in our neighborhoods by causing the storm sewers to clog, resulting in unwanted water runoff and standing water. The City of Glasgow Street Department is working hard to keep the streets drainage ways clean of debris but we need citizens to help out. Please follow lawn mowing etiquette' and sweep up and remove grass clippings or sweep grass clippings back onto your own property.


Unknown said...

This is silly. Are you going to sue mother nature when she blows the leaves out there. How about the state when they trim the roads. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Can't wait for the next crazy ruling.