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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glasgow Energy Peak Alert - Your Help is Needed!

With the coldest temperatures predicted in 20 years for Monday and Tuesday, January 6th and 7th, TVA has already notified our office that they will be operating in their Conservative Operations mode.  Everything is secure on their system, but they are making plans to ensure that it remains that way, and the Glasgow EPB is also working to protect our system.  However, we can only do so much. We need the help of all of our customers, both at your homes and your businesses, during this exceptionally cold period. 

Please be assured, we would never ask you to endanger your health or the well-being of your property. What we are asking is that you curtail as much electric usage as possible on Monday morning, and particularly on Tuesday morning, when we expect to possibly set a record peak demand for electric power. We need your help between 6:00 am and 11:00 am on both Monday and Tuesday.  Below are just a few suggestions, but we know that each homeowner and business owner can find other creative ways to cut even more usage:

1.     Pre-warm your home or business on Sunday night, and again Monday night.
2.     At about 6:00 am, set your thermostat to 69, or lower if possible.
3.     Do not use electric space heaters during the critical hours.
4.     Limit your use of electric appliances such as ranges, washers, dryers and dishwashers.  If it is necessary to use these items, please do so after 11:00 am.
5.     Use hot water sparingly if you have an electric hot water heater.
6.     Close off areas not being used.
7.     For our business customers, please delay any electric intensive operations until after 11:00 am on Monday and Tuesday; turn off lights and lower thermostats in unused areas.

These are just a few suggestions; let us hear from you how you are finding ways to save electric usage on our Facebook page (Glasgow Electric Plant Board). Remember, you can always monitor real time usage of the entire city at or by going to and looking for the graph on the right hand side. 

We have asked in the past for your help, and our customers have always responded.  We are sincerely requesting your assistance again to ensure that our system remains at its optimum operational capacity and that rates remain low for the entire community.  


Daddy-O said...

Hot water is full. But it doesn't allow but a trickle of warm water to come through. I have messed with the controls to no avail. Need advice or to just sit on it.

Billy Ray said...

Well, the only advice we can imagine would be to call a plumber.