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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Farewell Janice Crenshaw

Janice Crenshaw was not a long term member of the EPB team. She did not join us because of her education and experience at operating complex networks or business systems. One might think that her unexpected passing on Monday, June 9 wouldn't have a big impact on us, but that would be far from true. Both Janice’s life, and her passing, will have a profound impact on our team, and on our community.

Janice Crenshaw joined our team initially as a member of our Cable Television Programming Committee. She earned a reputation there as a thoughtful and active representative of our customers as we wrestled with tough decisions relative to programming choices and the cost of those choices. A little over two years ago when we needed a temporary employee to fill in for another team member on maternity leave, we were able to convince Janice to take that job. That decision was not a simple one for Janice because she was also very involved in helping others through her work for American Red Cross. Janice had agreed to be one of the folks that Red Cross sends in to help folks in neighborhoods afflicted by some sort of disaster. She was a natural for that kind of work.

Somehow we pulled her away from that assignment and Janice joined the EPB team. After that, she immediately began to change us all with her limitless concern for others. We learned from her about solving conflict with love instead of brute force. She taught us how to sow calm and harvest understanding. She also taught us about the pure joy of sharing, and we are all a bit heavier because of her favorite thing to share – wonderful home cooking delivered when you least expected it, and for no reason other than the joy of friendship.

The lessons of love that Janice taught us at Glasgow EPB were also shared with scores of friends and family throughout our community. Together, we all grieve her unexpected, and far too early passing. For our part, we hope to honor her by adhering to her example and passing her caring ways along to our community. Godspeed to you Janice Crenshaw. Thanks for the many lessons you taught us



Unknown said...

I am sadden to hear of the passing of Janice. She was and still is a bright light in our community. I just loved her personality and her compassion to help all those in need. The City of Glasgow and I will deeply miss her. Chief Guy Turcotte of the Glasgow Police Departemnt.