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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Criminal Activity in Glasgow -- Wire Theft

There is a new criminal activity taking place around Glasgow and that activity can interrupt your electric service, damage your appliances, and could possibly prove deadly to those committing the crimes. The activity is the theft of copper wire off of the poles up and down your street and in your back yards. Unfortunately, some unsavory characters have begun to notice that wire and they have begun cutting and stealing the wire, and likely selling it for scrap to collect the money.

The dangers in this activity are many. Insufficient current path to ground near your home can cause the voltage supplied to your appliances to swing wildly. Of course, this can cause dramatic failure of your equipment. The activity of cutting the wire can be dangerous as well because those wires do carry current at times.

If you see folks stopping and performing some sort of work on a Glasgow wood pole, and if those folks are not wearing an EPB, SCRTC, or Windstream uniform, then you are likely witnessing illegal activity that can adversely affect your home. Please be on the look out for this kind of activity and call the Glasgow Police Department and report it immediately.

Thank you for your help with this expensive and dangerous new threat to our community.