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Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Cable Television Changes Finalized

In a Special Meeting on Thursday, January 4, 2018, Glasgow EPB board members met to again consider the matter of paying the rate increase demanded by WHAS, or, in the alternative, dropping the channel. The Board had already decided to drop WSMV and WTVF on January 1, but was still considering the final offer from WHAS until the Special Meeting.

This was a very difficult decision to make. The Board was faced with a necessary rate increase of $2.95 per month if all three broadcast channels (likely to take effect in April) were removed, or an increase of about $6.20 per month if WHAS’s offer were accepted. The Board was evenly split on the question, with half of the Board feeling that keeping access to a Kentucky based broadcast station like WHAS, essential for EPB customers to keep fully abreast of Kentucky news, weather, and sports. The other half of the Board was more focused on the need to keep the cable rate increases smaller by dropping some channels who have asked for the largest rate increases, leaving customers the option of getting the Louisville news programming from streaming video sources. Eventually, the tie was broken by the Board Chairperson, who voted to drop WHAS in favor of lower rates.

This decision will become effective Monday, Jan. 8th, when the cable lineup will be altered as follows:
·         Ch. 16 will become Trinity Broadcast Network (formerly on Ch. 22)
·         Ch. 22 will become CSpan (formerly on Ch. 98)
·         Ch. 23 will become CSpan2 (formerly on Ch. 99)
·         Ch. 25 will become Zap2It Scrolling Guide (formerly on Ch. 36)
·         Ch. 36 will become NBC Sports  (formerly on Ch. 42)
·         Ch. 42 will become newly added WE (Women’s Entertainment)
·         Ch. 81 will be newly added as Sundance
·         Ch. 82 will be newly added as IFC (International Film Channel)
·         Ch. 114 The Justice Network will be removed
·         Ch. 144 will become newly added MeTV (currently dark and formerly LAFF TV)
·         Ch. 185 will be removed (currently dark & formerly UP TV)
·         Ch. 195 WHAS 24/7 Weather will be removed
·         Ch. 196 will be removed (currently dark & formerly News5+
·         Ch. 542 WHAS-HD will become FS1-HD (formerly on Ch. 522)
·         Ch. 522 will be removed (currently FS1-HD)
·         Ch. 558 will be removed (currently dark & formerly WSMV-HD)

·         Ch. 559 WTVF-HD (currently dark) will become Nat. Geo Wild HD