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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Channels for a New Glasgow

The EPB cable programming garden is in full bloom! Recent system upgrades are making it possible for us to add several new channels, one or two of which should be of interest to someone, or everyone, in your house.

Of course, we have already discussed the big one . . . The Disney Channel is now available to all Glasgow Classic customers on channel 35. This channel is very popular with everyone from three years old to about thirteen or so. A companion channel called Toon Disney is now available to digital tier subscribers on channel 134. As the name implies, it is chock full of Disney cartoons.

If you love Big Bird, The Count, Elmo, and the whole Sesame Street gang, you will love our new programming on channel 133 – PBS Kids Sprout.

Channel 195 is now WKRN’s 24/7 Nashville weather station which will give the perennial weather watchers among you another way to keep up with the regional weather at any time day or night.

For those of you who purchased a high definition television and subscribe to our HD tier of programming, we have great news for you too! Channel 517 is now VS/Golf HD. Eventually they might both have a full time HD channel of their own, but right now the folks who own both of these channels are offering this “shared” channel for fans of both VS and Golf Channel. Later on this summer, we hope to also be adding Speed HD, A&E HD, HGTV HD, Starz HD, Food HD, and National Geographic HD.

We hope all of this programming helps you enjoy the extra time at home that many of us will be experiencing as the price of gasoline makes it more attractive to stay at home. At the EPB our job is to make your life in Glasgow better. We hope this new programming helps accomplish that goal!


Unknown said...

How about we look at adding the Weather channel in HD, now that they have gone to HD.


Pamela Lessenberry said...

Would love to see the Style Network and the Fitness Channel. Fitness is more important now than ever and allows the casual exerciser to exercise at home and the athelete to improve performance - inspirational to all! This would help round out that programming.

Billy Ray said...

We are looking at Weather HD and we have considered Style before. Fitness Channel is a new one on us and we will check into it.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be installing a lot of new hardware to make VOD (video on demand) possible. As things are disassembled and reassembled for this new feature we will be trying to make room to accommodate even more new programming and I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Pamela, all I can say about Style Network is that very very few folks seem to be interested. If this changes we will take a fresh look!

Bea said...

How about adding a Lexington station rather than using 3 from Louisville.?

Billy Ray said...

The problem with carrying Lexington stations is distance. It is too far away for us to pick up with an antenna and other methods of delivery (like mounting an antenna close to the transmitter and converting the signals to a format we can have delivered via fiber) are just too expensive.

chris said...

How about we look at FSN Ohio so we can see REDS ballgames. Thanks

Billy Ray said...

This is the eternal issue we struggle with. These regional sports channels are extremely expensive. Further, we can only buy them for general distribution on our basic tier of programming. Thus, everyone would have to pay for this expensive programming that relatively few want.

What we need is legislation that forces these guys to allow us to treat these channels as a premium channel (like HBO or Showtime) and price it accordingly. That way those who would enjoy this can buy it and everyone else does not have to subsidize it. Thanks for your comment!