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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get Involved in Planning Glasgow's Future

Where do you like to go for a little vacation? Of the 15,000 folks living in Glasgow, there might also be thousands of different answers to that question, but I am going to guess that most of those places have something in common. I am guessing that those places have beautiful vistas, and shopping, and cool locally owned restaurants. I am also going to guess that those features are somehow connected by pedestrian friendly sidewalks and trails. I bet there are a lot of bicycles around as well.

There is a move afoot to plan similar facilities for us to use when we are at home, right here in Glasgow. If that idea interests you at all, positively or negatively, you need to get involved. The professionals at our Joint City-County Planning Commission are working on a master plan for alternative transportation (often called a “greenway”) in and around Glasgow. As this process continues, they are asking (begging) the public to get involved by coming to some meetings to discuss the plan. The first meeting is on August 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Glasgow City Council Chambers.

The work ongoing right now is in the development of a long-range plan. No plans are actually being drawn to begin physical construction of anything. Rather, the group is working to identify goals and objectives, and gather input from the community on just what forms of alternate transportation plans they would like the local governments to be considering. You can click on this link to go the information already gathered by Kevin Myatt and his team. They would also love for you to click on the link to the survey on the same page and take a few minutes to answer some questions about how you might interact with a Glasgow Greenway.

Thanks for your attention to this very important project.