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Monday, September 30, 2013


If you get your internet service from Glasgow EPB (and if you don’t, you should!), you will be interested in this upcoming event. Please take a moment to review this announcement about work that will impact your internet service.

The broadband network that delivers cable television and high speed internet services to the people of Glasgow is a very complicated set of systems. At the very heart of the network is the system we call the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS), and we need to make some changes and improvements to that system.

On the evening of October 15, starting at about 11 p.m., and continuing through the wee hours of the morning of Wednesday, October 16, we will be conducting an extensive overhaul of our CMTS. This work will interrupt the internet service to various parts of the community for extended periods during this time frame. Please make plans for your life and your businesses to be affected by this work.

The inconvenience should be worth it. We certainly hope so! This project is to enhance the capabilities of our cable modem network to allow faster upload speeds and even faster download speeds. Frankly, we see this as the equivalent of a heart transplant. We know that a successful operation will yield greatly increased quality of life, but we dread the operation and the many things that could go wrong! Still, this is our job and we have been planning this operation for most of 2013. On October 15, all of the hardware, software, experts, and EPB team will be on hand to conduct this procedure. Please hang with us as we go into battle.


Unknown said...

Will this upgrade be applied to current internet usage plans or will it be a optitional upgrade for a increased fee

Billy Ray said...

The main intent of the upgrade it to allow us to increase the upload speed for all of our customers, at no additional cost. Of course, the upgrade will also allow us to create new products for folks that have specific needs. Those new products will come with their own costs.

adam 27 said...

how big of an upgrade can we expect? it will be great to finally leave the old 512kbs limit thats existed for years

Billy Ray said...

All we can say right now is that all upload speeds will be much improved. We have to get the hardware and software installed and then run batteries of tests on all of our nodes before we can fully understand what our system will support. As the network has evolved over the years, different nodes seem better able to accept speed upgrades. That is what we have to test. If we find disappointing results, we are going to have to go into those nodes and find what architecture needs to be improved for those nodes to perform well. So, there is not yet a great way to answer your question. Stay tuned as we flesh out these details!