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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Round-Up time!

About a year ago, your Glasgow EPB began a “round-up” program. You’re familiar with the concept: You decide to participate in the program and the amount of your monthly bill is “rounded up” to the next nearest dollar (the most that could be contributed in a year’s time is $11.88). That additional amount is put into a separate fund where it’s used for a specific purpose.

In the EPB’s case, the money is given to CERF, the Community Emergency Relief Fund. “Community Relief,” as they’re usually known, helps a great number of people in Glasgow and Barren County. They assist with utility bills and other important bills, deposits – they even get people in touch with other agencies for help with things that they don’t handle themselves.

Community Relief has helped many EPB customers, especially when the bills tend to go up in the summer and the winter, when usage is usually higher because of weather extremes. We appreciate the assistance that Community Relief gives to our customers.

We could give Community Relief more money, and give it more often, if more of our customers took part in our Round-Up Program. Out of all of the EPB’s customers, fewer than 100 are currently part of the Round-Up Program. You’ll never miss the small amount you give, but when it’s added to what others contribute, it adds up to a lot of help for local people in need. Please consider becoming a part of the program. You can join with only a phone call to (270) 651-8341. Help spread the word in your family, in your club or at your church: Everyone’s pennies can add up to a lot!