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Friday, December 11, 2015

Can We Talk?

Even though we use our website, Facebook, Twitter, the RBG blog, Cable 6 and the Weather Channel scroll, we know that there are still people not getting the important information about our services that we distribute often. So, we are providing another service that helps fill that gap.

Everbridge is a service that adds text messages, emails, or voice phone calls to our methods for giving our customers essential information about their electric power, cable television programming, and internet service issues. To use this service, customers must either sign up themselves or give us their information over the phone, or through a face-to-face visit to our lobby. Participants can receive a text message, an email or an automated phone call when our Dispatch team has important information for customers. Messaging can go to more than one person, more than one way, and customers can receive messages about more than one address if they choose (on behalf of an elderly parent, for example).

To sign up we will need a name, street address and the preferred method for the customer to be contacted (an email address and/or a phone number selecting whether it should be phone call or text). If customers choose more than one way to be contacted, they need to be clear on the preferred order. Customers can sign up right now by clicking this link or by using the links on the main front page of or . There is no charge for this service, and customers may update their information at any time after signing up.

We are trying very hard to make sure that essential information finds a way to be heard and understood by all of our customers, and we hope our customers will find this new free service useful.