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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Informational Bills Continue

As November comes to a close it is a good time to again discuss the matter of the coming change in the way our electric rates work.

During the last couple of weeks all EPB electric customers should have gotten an informational paper bill which was sent out separately from the regular billing. This paper bill represented a comparison to the actual billing each customer got for their October usage. The bill used actual October usage for each customer and provided information about how their October bill would have looked under the new 2106 rates.

Nothing about this informational bill should be seen as a fixed result. The information was for October consumption, and most folks who saw an increase in the bill compared to the actual bill can change that by simply trying to reduce their usage during the monthly peak hour (coincident peak demand). Everyone will not be able to save money using this tactic, but many can.

Over the next few weeks everyone will get another informational bill which uses the new rates applied to November electric power usage. We plan to do this again for December consumption as well. In this fashion, everyone will get three informational bills which will provide comparison bills for October, November, and December. It is our hope that these examples will help all EPB electric customers become familiar with this new way of purchasing energy.

If the informational bills do not answer all questions, then there are other ways to do so. We created just for the purpose of answering questions on the new rate. We also created the Infotricity Energy Portal so that every single electric meter in Glasgow can be monitored by the account holder in real time so long as they have internet access. In fact, the portal has a bill comparison feature that will allow customers to compare their bills under the new rate to their bills under the old rate for a full year. The very best customized information for all of our electric customers can be obtained by signing up for the Infotricity Energy Portal site and visiting it often.