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Monday, December 7, 2015

EPB Internet Upgrade Time is Now

Glasgow EPB has traditionally given its internet customers a Christmas gift in the form of increased download speeds for the coming year. This year, the tradition continues as we will increase our standard internet download speeds as well as our upload speeds. All of our cable modem products will receive upgrades at no additional cost. Merry Christmas!

It certainly is not as easy to do this as it might sound. In order for us to make this improvement for 2016, we are replacing the very heart of our cable modem system with a much more powerful piece of hardware and software. And, like all big construction projects, there will be some inconvenience before everyone gets to enjoy the upgrades. On Wednesday December 9, at midnight, we will take down our internet service so we can install the new hardware. The work should be completed by 6:00 am on Thursday.

Some of this work is already ongoing. A lot of the space we freed up by converting the analog cable channels to digital will be used to allow many years of upgrades to the internet system. Now that most of the digital conversion project is done, we are now about to begin an operation similar to a heart and lung transplant, but in our case we must do that operation while the patient is still walking down the street! It is going to be difficult and complicated, but that is what we do.

Please stay tuned to our blog, our Facebook page, and Cable6 for updates on this project.


Unknown said...

Thankso for the extra speed and hard work! !!!