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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Okay...that was close enough!

Any of you who were around the south part of Glasgow on the afternoon of November 5 know that the EPB campus was ravaged by some sort of ferocious down burst wind. It destroyed one of our building and toppled 4 - 75' transmission poles along the Bypass. Luckily, we had taken refuge in our new tornado proof bunker facility and no one on the team was injured. Can't say the same for the stuff we had in the destroyed building. Best part was that all of the technology equipment was safe in the bunker and services were quickly restored to the people of Glasgow. Still, we don't want another test like that any time soon!


Josh Francis said...

It's amazing what a foot of concrete can withstand. We were all kind of hoping that building would never get put to the test but I think it passed pretty well.
For pictures of the destruction of the EPB Campus you can take a look at Here