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Friday, March 6, 2015

A Very Cold Day in Glasgow

We have spent the last couple of decades pursuing an idea that we call "Infotricity". We think that electric power, combined with broadband communications and an IP address such that  all major electric loads can addressed, combine to form a new energy product -- infotricity, and that infotricity will have a much lighter impact on our environment and our wallets than the 100 year old product, electricity.

At the core of infotricity theory is the belief that loads can be managed such that peak demands can be reduced, in turn, reducing the amount of fuel needed to supply our lifestyle. Further, we will all be paying for fewer generation plants in an infotricity world. Of course, nearly all of our peers are quite certain that the idea is wacko. Some days they nearly have us convinced of that. Today is not one of those days.

Above see my home, our office, and our community. Note what is possible when we are brave enough to challenge the status quo!